Is Blue Bloods Your Favorite K-Drama?  What’s to Know About it?

Blue bloods is an American police procedural television series that broadcasts on CBS since September 2010. Its primary characters are individuals from the imaginary Reagan family, an Irish-American Catholic family in New York City with a background marked by work in policing.

Blue bloods star Tom Selleck as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan; other primary cast individuals include Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou for each of the twelve seasons, in addition to Amy Carlson (seasons 1-7) and Sami Gayle (seasons 1-11, played by Marlene Lawston in the pilot episode).


In Australia, the series debuted on Network Ten’s essential channel on February 2, 2011. Due to poor ratings for the first season, Ten moved the series to its HD channel One, which debuted the second season on October 31, 2011.

Due to diminished viewership of Ten’s essential channel, season three moved back from August 26, 2013, and season four returned on March 17, 2014. Foxtel television channel TV HITS (styled TV H! TS) has begun broadcasting the series from Episode 1, weeknights at 8:30 pm AEST as of March 20.

In New Zealand, the same series debuted on TV3 on July 13, 2013.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Sky Atlantic debuted the channel series on February 1, 2011, with season two starting on October 4, 2011, season three on December 13, 2012, and season four on November 28, 2013. Season five debuted on January 21, 2015.

The series broadcasts throughout the Arabic-speaking market through MBC Action.

Each episode is accessible to stream on Paramount+


Reruns of Blue Bloods air broadly in the United States on Wednesdays on Ion Television. Even though it was temporarily removed from the timetable in mid-2020, NewsNation, the last option airs the show every day.

Currently, CBS Media Ventures distributes two episodes of the series at the end of each week to a variety of outlets. Rehashes of Blue Bloods air on Pick in the UK. The show airs two times per day on TV 2 Charlie in Denmark.


The characters of Blue Bloods should be in top shape consistently, to manage the ceaseless assault of wrongdoing that saturates New York City. The show recounts the story according to a few alternate points of view. This intends to provide crowds with a more extensive outline of how police work  The governmental issues behind quite a bit of it.

  • Eddie Reagan Anthony Abetemarco
  • Abigail Baker
  • Garrett Moore
  • Maria Baez
  • Henry Reagan
  • Danny Reagan
  • Jamie Reagan
  • Erin Reagan Frank Reagan


The series follows the Reagans, a family whose history marks by work in policing. In the future, Reagan will be the Police Commissioner. Forthcoming’s oldest child, Danny, is an NYPD criminal investigator, his most youthful child, Jamie, is an NYPD sergeant, and his little girl, Erin, functions as an associate head prosecutor.

Candid’s subsequent child, Joe (however the series erroneously alludes to him as the oldest in later episodes), kills by a screwy cop in the line of work on occasions. It originates before the series when he engages with an FBI examination of a gathering of degenerate NYPD cops known as the Blue Templar.

Forthcoming’s dad, Henry, a retired NYPD beat cop who rose through the ranks to become Police Commissioner.

Each member of the family addresses a different part of police work or the lawful cycle. Frank was the magistrate, Danny was the investigator, Jamie was the beat cop, and Erin was the examiner.

Although every individual’s story might occasionally overlap with another’s, the show likewise follows their professional and individual associations with their partners and accomplices.


Garrett Moore, the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, Detective First Grade Abigail Baker, the Primary Aide to the Commissioner. Later Lieutenant Sidney Gormley, the Special Assistant to the Commissioner and accepted Chief of Police; Danny with Detective Jackie Curatola; Jamie with Officer “Eddie” Janko; and Erin with Detective Anthony Abetem

The Reagans are an Irish-American Catholic family that gathers for Sunday dinner every week. As People reports, “the Sunday dinner is the core of each show.”

Both Henry’s and Frank’s spouses, Betty and Mary, are killed, as is Joe. Erin separates and has one daughter, Nicky, who lives with her mom until she accepts the role in San Francisco in season 10. Danny is single with two children, Jack and Sean.

He was hitched to Linda, a medical caretaker who was killed off-screen in a helicopter crash between seasons 7 and 8. Jamie married his love, “Eddie” Janko, in the season 9 finale. They recognized their common fascination during season 7 and became drawn in toward the end of season 8.

The season 10 finale uncovered a 24-year-old child of Joe’s that neither he nor the family knew about. He was a youthful analyst in the guns unit, Joe Hill (played by Will Hochman).


With viewings from DVRs and Live + 7 days after the premiere episode, 15.258 million people watched the episode. Without the DVR, the show’s presentation episode gathered a total of 13.02 million viewers.

In general, the ratings have been consistent for the series, after the pilot episode. The most reduced viewership all through the initial seven seasons was 8.88 million in episode eight of season seven (which aired against Game 3 of the 2016 World Series). It was one of a handful of episodes through the initial seven seasons that had less than 9 million starting transmission viewers.

10.73 million people watched the second-season finale on May 11, 2012. It received 1.2/4 ratings/divide among adults ages 18-49. The highest non-pilot live viewership of 12.93 million happened in episode 14 of season four (“Manhattan Queens”), which was the series’ 81st episode.

In January 2013, CBS announced in a public statement that Blue Bloods was the first prearranged Friday series. In quite a while, to average something like 13 million watchers (live + 7), acquiring eight percent a significant number of watchers than the earlier year. The second time CSI in 2001 had 14.78 million watchers. While the fourth time of Law and Order: SVU in 2003 had 14.92 million.

From season 8 forward, appraisals have declined. Season 9 was the first in which no episode attracted 10 million first-run viewers, although Blue Bloods actually ranked eighth in Live + 7 viewing in 2018-19. Season 9 had the lowest first-run viewership for an episode to date (7.62 million for Ep. 14, “My Brother’s Keeper”)


Why are Royals called Blue Bloods?

A noble is of blue blood. Blue bloods come from advantaged, respectable families that are rich and strong. The word blood connects to family ties: individuals connect with share similar blood. One specific category of the family is made up of individuals of high standing: individuals from the nobility.

Is Blue Bloods based on a true story?

Its primary characters are individuals from the imaginary Reagan family, an Irish-American Catholic family in New York City with a background marked by work in policing.

Why is Blue Bloods so popular?

Selleck thinks the show is famous because of its characters

In a meeting with TV Insider, Tom Selleck explained why he thinks “Blue bloods” is effective, and said, “Because it’s a personality-driven show. The cop show is a setting for the existence of the five principal characters.

Is Blue Bloods worth watching?

Generally, yes. While not the most impressive procedural out there, it’s superior to the lion’s’ share, and positively awesome on CBS right now. While a portion of these topics develops, the overall show is positive, shrewd, and engaging.

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