What are the symptoms of high creatinine?

What are the symptoms of high creatinine?

High creatinine levels indicate kidney disease. Filtering out waste from the blood and excreting it through urination is the responsibility of the kidneys. Your kidneys cannot sufficiently filter out these waste products if they are not functioning properly, and as a result, they accumulate in your body fluids. Numerous disorders might result in high creatinine … Read more

How to Care for Webbed fingers and Toes?

Webbed Fingers and Toes

After a child conceives, one of the first things educated parents to do is count the baby’s fingers and toes. What happens when those fingers look intertwined or stuck? Restoratively, that condition is known as ‘webbed fingers or toes’ also called ‘syndactyly’. It happens when skin wires at least two fingers or toes, making them … Read more

What to Know About Gustatory Rhinitis? Causes & Treatment

Gustatory rhinitis

Gustatory rhinitis is a type of gustatory rhinitis. It causes a runny nose when you eat specific food varieties. The symptoms of gastrointestinal rhinitis suggest occurring when you experience a minimal nasal release after eating the trigger food (the sneezing). Sometimes, you might experience sniffling and watery eyes, but no tingling or other symptoms. Pretty … Read more