How to get the Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram

People on social media often feel concerned about what they see. You can take steps to help alleviate their worries, and maybe even improve your own situation, by using the power of positive thinking and self-affirmation.

It seems like everyone’s hysterically crying.

Of course it didn’t, it had never stopped streaming any of these things, but the web decided to stop streaming Phoebe Bridgers all at once, and rewatched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Social media’s latest trend is crying on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you’re on social media, you should know what it looks like when someone posts a pic with the #tears hashtag.

How to get the Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram
How to get the Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram

Snapchat introduced a lens feature called the crying filter in July 2018. It’s the same kind of lens technology as Snapchat’s face swap lenses.

And it’s worth it for the results. This kind of action is one of the most effective ways to show that you’re an engaged, loyal fan.

The Crying Filter is a popular effect that’s been used on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for a few years now. It’s a simple way to make any photo look like it was taken during a really sad moment in time. For this post, we’re going to walk through how to get the Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram—and show you exactly how to do it.

Steps of Taking Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram

  1. The Magnifying Glass icon is located in the upper left corner of the Snapchat app.
  2. If you search for ‘crying face’, it will appear in the results as an app.
  3. If you tap and hold the “+” button in the top right corner, you can create a filter.
  4. If you’ve already uploaded something, or are about to, tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen (shown above) to upload it.
  5. You might be asked to grant permission to let Snapchat access your photos. To do this, tap “Allow” if prompted.
  6. You need an Android version 6.0 or higher device to capture a high-quality video.
  7. Now, tap the button to the right of the record button, and then tap the Upload button.
  8. Select the video from your camera roll, add any music, effects, text and stickers, add a description and you can create your crying video.

Features of taking Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram

There are a number of features that make the Crying Filter on TikTok and Instagram beneficial.

The most important thing about the crying filter is that it allows you to make your posts look like you are actually crying.

You can make your face look like you are crying and, therefore, you can fool people into thinking that what you are posting is true. That’s why people love this feature.

It gives them the opportunity to make their posts look real.

Another benefit of the crying filter is that it can be used in combination with other filters, such as the “lips” filter, to make your posts even more realistic.

Also you can use an image editor add a crying filter to images.


The crying filter is fun and trendy. Everyone wants to try it out on Instagram and TikTok.“Sesame Street” is coming to Hulu.

The original, realistic crying filter is not available on YouTube or other online videos. You have to create a Snapchat video with the filter, download it and then upload it to Instagram and TikTok.

You can find different variations of a crying filter in TikTok and Instagram’s library of filters, including the popular watercolor and sepia effects, if you don’t want to use Snapchat to make

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