Getting the Best Out of Your False Lashes

False eyelashes are your ticket to turning every makeup look into a smash hit. Even though false eyelashes are a simple addition, they immediately open up your eyes, making them look rounder. With false eyelashes, you simply look more awake, and even the simplest eye makeup appears outstanding. However, most people don’t dare to stray outside the basics of using lashes. With the proper guidance, you can get the best out of your Kiss Lashes and look gorgeous with only minimum effort. 

Strip vs Individual Lashes

While opting to add volume to your lashes, you have two options. You can choose strips of fake eyelashes, or you can add volume precisely with individual lashes. The latter makes the look more believable and natural, whereas the former takes time to sit right. Individual lashes are usually better, but strip lashes bring out the best in particular looks. 

Size Matters 

When you choose lashes, the length of the lashes and the strip you use make a difference. Long lashes can be the perfect addition to a dramatic eye look, but unless appropriately executed, you will look dated, and the lashes will appear clumpy.

If you use strips of fake lashes, don’t be afraid to cut them up to fit your needs. Preserving the length of the eyelash strips should not take precedence over looking chic. 


By now, you must have heard enough times that removing your makeup at the end of the day is crucial to maintain healthy skin. When it comes to false lashes, peeling them off when the party or photoshoot is over is recommended to maintain them as well. When you fall asleep wearing these lashes, they can break, bend, tangle, or tear. 

The best way to make your lashes last longer is by removing them at the end of the day and storing them safely. Considering how the lashes would have clustered, restoring them to their original state can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it. Make sure you store the lashes safely to keep them in shape and avoid dust accumulation.

Stay Away from Mascara

Unless you look up to professional makeup artists for tips, you would have been told that using mascara with your false lashes is the best way to blend it with your natural ones. In truth, you don’t need to use a coat of mascara to make your lashes look natural, only if you have invested in an authentic-looking pair. 

If you have purchased a set of lashes that are long and suitably coloured to blend in with your natural lashes, avoid using mascara. Adding a coat will only make false lashes appear grimy and reduce lifespan. Do not use a water-resistant product if you cannot avoid wearing mascara. False eyelashes will get clumpy and disintegrate no matter how good your mascara is.

Quality Speaks 

When shopping for makeup products, picking out the cheaper version is always tempting. But when it comes to hair and eyelash extensions, quality beats everything else. When you opt for the low-quality eyelashes available in the market, your makeup will look tacky and dated and need replacing from time to time. Instead, quality products like Kiss Lashes give you a bang for your buck, looking fabulous and lasting through multiple applications.

Final Thoughts 

Eye makeup is one way to accentuate your look effortlessly. Once you get the hang of using Kiss Lashes, you will never have a dull makeup look. 

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