Rose Color Meanings to Help You Pick the Perfect Bloom Every Time

Don’t order flowers without reading this first! Here’s what every rose color means, from friendship to passion.

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Every rose color has a distinct meaning

It is common knowledge that roses are red and violets are blue…but roses can also be blue, pink, orange, or even black. That’s just the beginning. There are many colors available for these beautiful flowers, both naturally and through dyeing. Which one should you choose?

It’s not simply about picking the color your love likes, whether you’re buying for Valentine’s Day or just because. It is also important to consider what each hue symbolizes, as rose color meaning can range from love to admiration to friendship to mourning.

The rose is a perfect embodiment of love, but its colors have different meanings, which can help customers choose the perfect arrangement for their Valentine, says Alfred Palomares, Vice President of Merchandising at Isn’t that an interesting piece of Valentine’s Day trivia?

Here’s what you need to know about rose colors so you can send the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers from one of the best online flower delivery services. When paired with one of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, they’ll make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Red roses: Love and admiration

Valentine’s Day’s trademark rose color symbolizes love and admiration, as should be expected. The most popular and quintessential Valentine’s Day gift is red roses, according to Palomares. It might be a good idea to stay away from this color if you are in a new relationship. In case you’re wondering, roses are so popular on Valentine’s Day because they convey a message of deep romantic feelings.

Yellow roses: Friendship

When it comes to rose color meanings, yellow is one of the happiest hues. “Yellow roses are great for celebrating Galentine’s Day,” Palomares says. In a romantic relationship, however, you might want to stay away from yellow, as some people believe it symbolizes jealousy and infidelity. Other types of flowers also have meanings if you want to branch out from roses.

Lavender roses: Unique love

As a less common color than pink or red, lavender is perfect for expressing your special love. In addition to being “exquisite” and “rare,” it implies that you think highly of the person who is receiving these beauties. Palomares explains that lavender roses (as well as other hues of purple) express enchantment, majesty, and splendor. Check out these cheap Valentine’s Day gifts that look expensive if your budget is tight.

Deep pink roses: Gratitude

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy, and they are a much gentler option than red roses. Red, for instance, signifies passionate love, whereas pink signifies admiration. When it comes to which pink to choose, Palomares explains that deep pink roses are a great way to express your gratitude for your best friend, “as they symbolize happiness and gratitude.” Here are more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for best friends.

Medium pink roses: Gratitude, grieving, and congratulations

Experts say medium pink roses are the most versatile of all the feminine shades, so they can be used for a wide range of occasions. As an example, they can be given as a token of gratitude, but they can also be given to someone grieving. They can even be used to express congratulations or acknowledge a first love. As a gift for her, you can’t go wrong with medium pink roses.

Light pink roses: Innocence and appreciation

Consider pale pink roses as an alternative to white roses. “They imply innocence, but they also convey appreciation,” says Palomares. “These pretty petals would make a wonderful gift for your mom, sister, or even a close friend.” Because of their light hue, they indicate gentleness, so they also make a suitable sympathy gift.

White roses: Innocence and new love

White is historically associated with virginity and innocence when it comes to rose color meaning. According to Palomares, it is also called the “bridal flower,” since weddings symbolize new beginnings. It may be the right rose for your relationship even if you aren’t quite ready for marriage. A bouquet of fresh, white roses is the ideal gift for a blossoming romance, says Palomares. In light of that, if you want to sweep someone off their feet on February 14th, book a reservation at a romantic restaurant near you.

Purple roses: Passion and infatuation

When you’re infatuated, you get that lovestruck feeling, right? A deep purple rose symbolizes that feeling. According to, purple roses symbolize fleeting infatuation rather than a long and loving relationship. It could pave the way for future gifts of pink, red, and orange roses.” Just an FYI, some purple roses are dyed, while others are cross-bred from naturally occurring colors.

Orange roses: Fascination

The red rose represents deep love, and the yellow rose represents friendship. As orange combines the two, think of it as a bridge between them, says Palomares. These vibrant flowers symbolize passion, energy, and fascination, showing your Valentine that you really want to take your friendship to the next level. You can also help your cause by pairing these beauties with the right Valentine’s Day message.

Salmon roses: Desire and excitement

The salmon hue of roses might be an appropriate choice when you are trying to convey excitement and desire, since salmon is a tad pinker than orange. Besides being a bit frisky, they are also vibrant and unique, making them a terrific gift for a kindred spirit.

Peach roses: Thanks and gratitude

According to Palomares, this color symbolizes gratitude, thanks, and the genuineness of your feelings. “These flowers are also a thoughtful way to show sympathy to a friend or family member,” he adds.

Cream roses: Charm and thoughtfulness

While white is often associated with innocence, cream has a more subtle meaning. “Cream roses symbolize charm and thoughtfulness and are the perfect way to let someone know they are on your mind,” says Palomares. If you want to thank someone for doing something special, or simply make them smile, you can’t go wrong with roses. Is there another way to make someone smile? Try one of these funny Valentine’s Day cards!

Burgundy roses: Devotion

Burgundy roses are a passionate choice for your lover, like red roses. Palomares believes that these stunning, dark red roses symbolize unconscious beauty. In the Victorian era, however, these dark beauties expressed deep devotion, and they were a unique alternative to traditional red,” he explains. Discover why Cupid is the symbol of Valentine’s Day while we’re on the topic of history.

Green roses: Good news and new beginnings

There is a common misconception that all green roses are heavily dyed (and should only be given on St. Patrick’s Day), but this is not the case. Around 1743, green roses began blooming naturally. The roses may be among the oldest of the bunch, according to some experts. But here’s the thing: Authentic, non-dyed green roses don’t actually have petals; only green sepals.

Palomares explains that green is a color associated with growth, so they can definitely be used for a variety of purposes. The color of life, abundance, and rejuvenation, green roses symbolize good news and new beginnings, he says.

Blue roses: Mystery

Blue roses do not exist in nature, unlike most other rose colors. As a result, blue roses have come to symbolize mystery, the unattainable, or the impossible. It’s a good idea to send blue roses when you want to let someone know they’re one-of-a-kind. It will also work if you choose one of these unique gifts.

Black roses: Mourning or chic style

Do black roses really exist? In a nutshell, yes. In nature, they don’t exist; you’re probably looking at a rose that’s a deep purple or burgundy. Nevertheless, these roses are black for all intents and purposes, or they may have been dyed black.

It is probably the most difficult to decipher black roses. Featured heavily in literary works over the centuries, they have come to symbolize everything from mystery and mysticism to death and mourning. Despite their negative connotations, they are also unique and can look totally chic when arranged correctly, making them a good choice for nontraditionalists, such as those who aren’t huge Valentine’s Day fans.

Rainbow roses: Uniqueness, hope, and pride

They are both your best friend and lover, appreciated and respected, and most importantly, unique, says Palomares, who adds that they also symbolize hope, pride, and equality.

“Rainbows usually appear after storms, bringing hope and better things to come,” he explains. You can share this little tidbit with your sweetheart, along with these love quotes that are sure to set the scene for romance.

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