8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Static in Clothes

In case you don’t have dryer sheets on hand and are wondering how to get rid of static in clothes, try this trick.

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How to get rid of static in clothes

There is nothing more frustrating than having to remove clothing that is stuck to your body with static – or even clothing that shocks your skin. Clothing rubs against one another in the dryer, accumulating an electrostatic charge, causing static electricity.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of static in clothes without using dryer sheets or adjusting your dryer settings, there are some easy fixes that you can try. You’ve got to get rid of that annoying cling!

  1. Use a wire hanger

    Maybe you’ve always wondered how to eliminate static with household items. The right place to start is with a wire hanger.

    Using a wire hanger, you can take back some of the electric charge that causes your clothes to stick to you. Right before or after putting on your outfit, run a clothes hanger along the inside of it to keep static at bay.

  2. Try fabric softener

    When you wash your clothes, use fabric softener to reduce cling.

    A homemade version of static guard can be made by adding a tablespoon of fabric softener to a spray bottle of water and spritzing it on trouble spots.

  3. Toss in dryer balls

    Add a couple of dryer balls to your next load to minimize the contact between items. Aluminum foil can be crumpled into small balls.

  4. Use lotion

    The small bottle of hand lotion you keep in your bag is another compelling reason to pull it out. Put a bit of hand lotion on the area where your clothes cling. The static will be eliminated by the time it dries. Handbags can also be buffed with lotion.

    Try these solutions to de-wrinkle your clothes without an iron after you’ve learned how to remove static with one of these tricks.

  5. Just add water

    Once your clothes have about ten minutes left in the dryer, add a damp rag and continue drying on the lowest heat setting.

    Dry air contributes to static, but a wet rag keeps the air moist. Here are some other fixes for wardrobe malfunctions.

  6. Wear a safety pin

    Using a safety pin, you can get rid of static. It will hold some charge to prevent static buildup throughout the day.

    Make sure your clothes are inside out by placing a metal safety pin there. Your dry cleaner won’t tell you these secrets.

  7. Spritz on hairspray

    Hairspray can help you get rid of that annoying cling on your clothes. After eliminating the static, learn how to de-pill sweaters and prevent them in the future.

  8. Separate natural from synthetic

    If you wear tights with a cotton skirt, you are more likely to build up static. You should avoid wearing outfits that mix the two, and keep your clothes separate in the dryer to prevent a buildup.

    Check out these secrets you never knew about your clothes now that you know how to get rid of static.

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